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Decoration Options

There are various methods of personalising items, depending on the product, complexity of design and quantity required.



This is a popular method of applying a club crest/logo to your garments. If we already have your emboidery logo digitised, there is no set-up charge, or if you have the logo in .dst format, just email us the file to avoid any set-up charge. If we don't have a .dst file to use, there may be an initial set-up charge which will depend on the complexity of the design, and the format in which it is supplied.

If you are sending us your logo by email we ideally need it as an Illustrator (.ai) / Corel Draw (.cdr) / Encapsulated Post Script (.eps) or a High Resolution PDF (.pdf, Portable Document format), however if you don't have it in any of these formats, send it in whatever format you do have! For further information on the best formats to supply artwork in, please click here.

Embroidery is also ideal for applying small print size personalisations such as individual names or positions to the right breast or leg of garments.Embroidery

Embroidered logos and text are made up of many thousands of individual stitches, and as such the process is permanent and can be applied to almost all clothing, however the cost increases with the number of stitches used, so this is only really economic for relatively small designs.



We offer three types of printing method, depending on the suitability of the garments and the quanitities and type of design required. For smaller quantities and personalisations, we generally use a method of heat transfer which allows us to apply names, numbers and sponsors logos onto tops. For larger quantities of the same design we can also screen print garments - this is particularly good for T-shirts and tour stash and produces a highly durable print.

Numbers example

1. Heat Pressing

This is used for small quantity printing and applying individual names to T-shirts and other leisurewear. The process is just as durable as screen printing but the process is more labour intensive, but the low set-up costs make it useful for applying large print size names or positions onto individual items.

Heat Pressing Example

We can offer names / initials and numbers on shirts in a wide range of fonts and sizes. If we don't have the font you'd like us to use, if you can send it to us by email we'll do our best to use it. We can also print in a wide range of colours - simply specify the colour you'd like and we'll do our very best to supply it

2. Screen Printing

This is a printing technique that can be used to print onto everything from t-shirts, hoodies, bags and anything really with a flat surface. Its a fantastic process which gives the ability to print onto a wide variety of materials with flexibility.

Each colour requires a separate screen to be made, and each colour is applied separately. The cost of screen printed items therefore increases with the number of colours involved, but you can create some fairly impressive designs using just one or two colours, and a technique called half-toning.

The cost of screen printing designs on items depends on the design, and the material onto which it is being applied, so please contact us by email and send us the logo in the best quality format you have so we can establish the best printing method, and hence the associated cost. For information on the best formats to supply your artwork in, please visit the Artwork section of this site.

Numbers example

3. Transfer Printing

This is used for multi-coloured logos where screen printing is unsuitable or too expensive - it's ideal for sponsors logos on sports kit for example, or more complex designs such as those shown here.

Heat Pressing Example


PLEASE NOTE : Any garment that has been printed or embroidered cannot be returned or refunded. This does not affect your statutory rights.

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